@Reality Incognita


Have four stances: “Examine”, “Use”, “Take” and “Open\Close”

Examine: default stance, when no other mode is on. Allows to inspect both objects in game rooms and items in inventory.

Use: in that stance, game room objects can be activated\put online etc. Also, while in this stance, inventory items can be used on game rooms objects, or merged with other inventory items.

Take: In this stance, items from game rooms can be taken, to be placed in inventory.

Open\Close: used to open\close items and objects, but for now actually to open doors between areas.
Inventory: has FIVE slots for items, but can be scrolled with two buttons to the right and left of it.




Hibernation Room
For now there isn’t much to do, but all objects can be examined. If the second from the left hibernation pod is open, a dead body can be seen inside. If clicking (in Examine mode) on the third pod (the shattered one),  we can see what’s inside: pool of blood and glass shards. We can’t interact with them yet. To move out of the pod, click outside.

Also, we will notice that middle door is locked. Maybe it can be unlocked through computer console nearby? Alas, its offline.

Nothing to do here for now, let’s go through the left door.
Here we can take Liquid Soap and Towel from the small shelf right in front of you. We will also see a shower pod and a drying machine. We can Use the shower pod to bathe, cutscene will be played. But don’t expect much. 😊 After bathing, the towel becomes wet. It can be made dry again by using it on drying machine.
Now, back to hibernation room.
Summary: Take (with relevant button) Soap and Towel, then go back to Hibernation Room.
Hibernation Room
Remember the shattered pod with blood pool and glass shards? We now have Towel we can use to either take a sample of blood, or to wrap the glass shard. Use the towel on an item, then it will appear in your inventory. We can switch between blood and shards when we need, simply by using the towel on the required item again.

If we take the Glass Shard, we can use it to cut off a hair from the dead person in second pod. It might be of use in the future, maybe for DNA check? We shall see.

After that, use the towel on blood pool to get a blood sample. It can serve as a DNA sample too.
Now, let’s see what’s behind the right door.
Lockers Room 1
Now we see four large containers, one of them is broken, and others are locked. We can try Opening them, but to no avail. If we Examine them, we can see that each locker has a DNA scanner.

The first from left locker belongs to protagonist. If we click on it with Use mode, the scanner will recognize protagonist DNA and will open. We can now take clothes inside. (Cutscene played) Also, we will get a keycard for Separator Room, which we’ll obviously need later.

The second locker is broken and nothing can be recovered from it. But, if we use the hair on it, just out of curiosity, we can see that its DNA matches.

The third locker will open if we use blood sample on it. Inside, we will see the toolbox and a cable. Let’s take both items.

The fourth locker won’t open, no matter what we try. Maybe we can try to force it with crowbar nearby? Take crowbar and try to break the last locker. But no, protagonist isn’t strong enough.

Let’s also take two books from the floor: Edda and Odyssey. Maybe we will find how to use them.
Let’s go back.
Hibernation Room
Now, when we have cable, let’s use it to put computer on. A cutscene is played and computer comes online. Start conversation with “Use” button.

Talk about all topics to uncover more of a story. During conversation, say that you lost your memory and ask to unlock middle door. Computer will do so.

Finish conversation with computer and open the middle door.
Crew Quarters
Oh dear, another corpse! Use the “Take” button to search the dead woman. We will find gloves.
Take a sandwich from the table, don’t let good food lie in vain.
Use coaches to see a cutscene of resting.

Also, we can try slicing the coaches in hope to find something inside, just use the glass shards on them. But we will just ruin good furniture to find nothing. It’s an easter egg for Russian speaking audience, from the movie “The Twelve Chairs ”. You’ll also see cutscene.

Remember what computer said? We need to go to Medical Bay. It will be the far door on the right. Oh, of course, we could guess, it won’t open. Why? No idea. But there is a robot nearby, and luckily, he is online. Let’s talk to him.

Talk to the robot. Check all conversation threads to find out more story elements. When we ask about locked door, the robot will say that a part of door opening mechanism is broken. Now, we have two possible solutions. We can either try to repair it by ourselves, or to let robot do it. We make the choice through conversation, and once we make a choice, we no longer can use the second option.

Repairing by our means
We need to find the correct part to put it instead of missing one. Let’s try one of other doors. Most of them won’t open in a demo, but of the left doors will take us to another area.
West Bedroom
Hmm, if people slept in hibernation pods, why have also a bedroom? Maybe we will find. For now, let’s take the book from the table. Its Guide to Electronics. Aha, it might be useful for us! Also, there is an old fashioned style TV here. It seems not broken, but offline. With some luck, it might provide us with required part. We use toolbox, and a part appears in inventory.

Now we can go back to crew quarters.

Crew Quarters
After we talked to robot, electric box near the door to medical bay became active. Use the part on it, gloves and guide to electronics will be used automatically.

If we didn’t both have gloves and book, protagonist will killed by electricity.
If we have book, but not gloves, protagonist will say that she needs some kind of protection.
Anyway, we can now open the door and enter the Medical Bay.
Helping the robot
Robot says, he can repair the broken electric box even without parts, but he misses some information. While we can try giving him the book “Guide to Electronics”, it won’t help. We need to find a disc. He says that some mad mind could hide the disc on purpose, in an unexpected place.
This place is the drying machine from the Showers.
Now, when we have a hint from robot, we use toolbox on the drying machine. Machine will be lost for good, but fortunately for us, we found a disc inside!
Crew Quarters
We can give disc to robot through conversation. Let’s talk to him again, and we will have a new conversation option.

The door to Medical Bay is now unlocked. We open it and enter the Medical Bay.

Medical Bay
Before interacting with the computer, let’s look around a bit. You’ll see a small freezer. Open it and three blood packs for transfusion will appear. Take them one by one. Protagonist will complain, that someone removed all the labels from them. It must be the same person, that killed two people you found. We’ll worry about that later. Open the small door on the front.
Pharmacy is ransacked, someone evil was here before you. Still, you can find a small syringe on the floor. Pick it up and go back to previous room.
Medical Bay
Open the left door to enter Morgue.
You still haven’t reported about corpses, so no one to examine here, but you still can take a scalpel. Then go back.
Medical Bay
Open the right door to enter Psychiatric Ward.
Psychiatric Ward
Take two books from the shelf. You might need them later.
And now you can use the console. All consoles from following: Medical Bay, Morgue and Psychiatric Ward share same conversation, so you can use any of them. Talk about everything. Complain about memory loss to get more story lore. Ask about the ship you are on. Ask for a map, to have easier time navigating around the ship. Tell about blood packs, and computer will mark them all. Now blood packs will be marked. Try to connect to Main AI and see it’s offline. For now, you’ll have to explore the ship more, to move on.

Go back to the room with robot.

Crew Quarters
Try opening the front door and see it’s locked from another side. If you go to medical console again, it’ll say that you only can get there by the vent, though the vent is way to small to crawl through. Need to continue exploring.

Open the middle door on the right.
East Bedroom
Here you’ll see quite a few items that can be picked up.
Take: toothbrush, apple, Book “Hobbit” and the note.

Examine the note in your inventory, read the weird verse, and click outside of note to transit back.
The note provides a hint to one of following password puzzles. The solution will be provided at relevant place.

Now take also a small radio device. You’ll hear someone on it and conversation will start.
Conversation with the radio
Someone in dire peril will beg you to come and help. You can decline, and it won’t have much impact on the story, but let’s be empathic and agree. You’ll be asked to go to Kitchen.
Important: if after agreeing to help, you’ll make too many transitions between areas, before going to Kitchen, the person in danger will die!

Go to Crew Quarters, then open middle door on the left.
Dining room
Aha! A large table just below the vent grid! We might need it later.
For now open the door to the left. Conversation will start automatically.

Conversation with Rupa
Being a human, and not a computer or robot, Rupa can tell you much about the ship and the crew. However, after some talking she’ll get too tired to continue. You’ll get new mission: to get her food. Neither sandwich, nor apple will help. You’ll be automatically moved to Trash Pit.
Trash Pit
We are now in a trash pit, with wounded and hungry Rupa Nakali, and a mad maniac Maya Ada lurking somewhere nearby.

We need to bring food to woman, then when she recovers, she and protagonist will work together to deal with maniac.

We can take three items: hammer, rope and rubber band. Are there any adventure games, where you don’t have to search garbage dumps?

We can try using items and commands on woman and her weapon, but it does nothing.
Let’s just climb upwards through the hole.

Rubbish Chute
The view didn’t become much more pleasant. Still too much of garbage around. But this half broken cabinet seems interesting. Maybe we open it and see what is inside?
Aha, there is a flashlight we can take!
Hmm, we can do more here, call it a hush. Let’s try to use something on cabinet. A hammer maybe? Yes, it worked, we pulled out a few nails and can take them. Let’s try using the hammer on cabinet again. Yay, we broke down a shelf, let’s take it as well.
If we feel like doing house work, we can wipe the blood from the floor with towel and see the cutscene.
Now, let’s go through the right door.

Ah, finally more pleasant place. We came through the front right door, the mad Maya Ada is behind the door on right wall, but there is one more door, the one on the left. It must lead to food storage, so let’s go there.
Dark food storage
A-a-ah, good God, what is this?! We must run!
Something with large flashy eyes is hiding in kitchen storage. We have to find a way to light the room. We also need at least some kind of weapon. Alas, we can’t use Rupa’s gun. We have to make our own weapon.

We have board, nails and a rubber band. Let’s try making a primitive crossbow. Or is it slingshot? Doesn’t matter, let’s just do it. We use nails on board (must also have hammer), then use rubber band on what we got. We have a weapon, but still miss bullets. What can be used as one? There is a shelf full of spice in front of us. Hot spice can really burn, it will be good bullet.

Take a bottle of spice from the shelf and us on slingshot.
Now, we can fight monstrosity in the kitchen, can we? No we can’t. The room with the creature is still pitch black, we need to light it somehow. We do have a flashlight, don’t we? Alas, we can’t hold the improvised weapon and flashlight at the same time. There is a table right in front of door to storage, maybe if we put flashlight there, it will help? Oh, what a pity, it doesn’t hold, we need to tie it.
Use the rope on the flashlight, then use the merged item on the table.
Preparation are made, let’s finally face the Horror in the Dark Room.
Light kitchen storage
What?! It was only a cat?! Such a cute animal scared us? I hope no-one finds out.
Nothing much to do here, but we finally see tons of food. This canned food on the right looks good enough, let’s take it.

And take the cat as well, it must be afraid to be here alone.
Now, when we have food, let’s rush back to Rupa, we lost enough time already.
Trash Pit
Rupa is gone, although it’s pretty much impossible. Anyway, we see that she is no longer there.
Though the danger of the Maya Ada remains, we can be stuck here any longer.
Go to the Kitchen, and then through right door.
Dining room
We can try using Achilles (our cat) on the vent. He can squeeze through, but he doesn’t want to. Well, was worth a try!
Continue to Crew Quarters and open the bottom door to the left.
Hibernation 2
Very similar to the room where you woke up, but there is nothing to really do here. The left door will show you local Showers, but there is nothing to do there as well. What we need is Locker Room 2 on the right.
Locker Room 2
There are four lockers with DNA samples. And we just have DNA from toothbrush! Use toothbrush on the first locker from left. It will open, so you can take two items from inside: pet collar and weird looking helmet labeled neural enhancer. Collar allows to control animals telepathically.
Use collar on Achilles in your inventory. Now you have mind controlled cat.

Take also the crate from the floor. Protagonist will find out it’s very light and it will be added to inventory.
Now, when cat is mind controlled, we can guide him through the vents and open the large door to Crew Quarters from another side.
Go to Dining Room.
Dining Room
Use mind controlled cat on vent grid. Cutscene where Achilles unlocks the door will play.
Go back to Crew Quarters. Now you can go through large door to Main Hall.
Main Hall
Another intersection with many door. And another large door on the front, wonders if it is locked too? And small door, seemingly elevators.
Where should we go from here?
Our current mission is to check what’s wrong with Main AI console. Open the left bottom door.
Main Console
Try using Main Console. Conversation window will appear, but Main AI can’t say much, since it’s not working. We have to find out why.
Open the left door.
Server Room
A large device and another corpse. Examine corpse to see his name on the badge: “Mast Nakali”. Must be Rupa’s husband! He’s dead too. Now search on him (TAKE) to get acetone.

You can also use syringe on him to get Mast’s blood sample, but it’s same DNA as on toothbrush.
Examine server itself a few times. You’ll see the video where protagonist says she can’t understand what’s wrong. But she might find solution in the library.
Library is bottom right door in Main Hall.
Wow! So many mini-discs! If we want something, we must now precisely what to look for. On the right, take one data-pad. You’ll see also a console. Every time you want to add information from mini-disc to data-pad, you’ll need to use this mini-disc on console.

Take one mini-disc from the floor, then use it on console. Now, examine data-pad in your inventory. Read the article. This information is worth knowing.

Now let’s try searching for more mini-discs. Search (TAKE stance) the large cupboard with mini-discs. You’ll find one interesting. Add it to data-pad by console, and read the new article. It will give us a suggestion about another useful mini-disc.

Search again, use the mini-disc on console, and read new article.

Now, repeat the process the third time. After you found three mini-discs, uploaded them and read three articles you can proceed.

Important: every time you find and upload a mini-disc, you must open the new article window, even if you don’t read it. You can’t advance the game without it.
By this stage, you need to find and upload four mini-discs.
Go back to Main Hall.
Open the right middle door to enter the Gym.
You can use most of local training machines just for fun and cut-scenes. What you must do though: take sweaty towel, one of dumbbells, two barbell discs (one by one). Use toolbox on weightlifting apparatus to get chain.
The towel has sweat on it, and sweat is a DNA source.
Go to Locker Room 2.
Locker Room 2
Use sweaty towel on second locker from the left. It will open and allow you to take Merger Lab Access Keycard.

Not much, but still useful.
We need to fix the computer, and for this we’ll need a few things from Lower Deck. Let’s go there. Go to Main Hall and open one of elevators doors. Any will do.

After the door closes, use the lowest buttons. The elevator will go to Lower Deck, there the door will open and you’ll automatically transit there.
Lower Deck
Before you can do anything, lights will go off, and you’ll stay in darkness. You can’t do much in the dark, neither you can use elevators without power. You need to find a way to restore the power.
Also, you’ll notice the dead woman on the floor and a strange capsule near it. You can examine the capsule, but it won’t help you in anything. Examine the woman and see that’s Rupa you tried to help earlier. Cut one of her hair using scalpel or glass shard.
Now open the left upper door
You are now in the airlock. You can see Mars through the window. The left door leads out of the ship, and since we are in space, it’s a bad idea. But maybe we can find something useful here?
Search (TAKE stance) the space suit. What a luck, there was an emergency lamp inside! Now we can see things more clearly. But we still can’t use elevators without restoring power.
Go to main part of Lower Deck (where elevators are) and open the left bottom door.
Reactor Room
Use toolbox on reactor. The lid will be removed and you’ll see that the nuclear fuel pod is badly damaged. Don’t try to take it out now. Remember the mini-disc article warning you about working with reactor? If you try to take the bad fuel pod and leave, you’ll die. Let it stay there for a while longer.
We need to find a replacement.

Go to Lower Deck main room, and go through the right bottom door.

Engineering Bay
This room is very important and you’ll have to visit it quite a few times during the game.
First, open the cupboard and take three items from inside: acid, welding lance and glue.
Now, talk to robot. You can ask for items and materials, during the game. He’ll give you steel, copper and plastic. He will always give you just one crate of each, so every time you need materials for something, you’ll have to come back and ask again.

Also, you can ask robot for items. He will refuse to give you a quantronic core for replacement, neither he’ll agree to give postrium. He won’t object to giving you intact fuel pod though.

Now, there is something hard to do. We now can easily put the good fuel pod inside the reactor, but we still can’t carry bad one without dying from radiation.

There are two possible solutions.
Jettisoning the bad fuel pod
If you go to right upper door from main Lower Deck, you’ll find yourself in Jettison Room. Since when ships have special place for jettisoning? Weird. In any case, this looks like a good way to rid of bad fuel pod. But do you see the broken glass? If you open the hatch, you’ll be sucked to space.
Use chain on machinery to the right. You also need to have welding lance in inventory. A chain will be welded. Now, if the hatch is opened, protagonist will be held by the chain and not be sucked out to space.
However, the air will still be sucked out. We need more to do. Maybe a spacesuit can be used?
But before we try that, there is more to do.
Go to the Airlock. Use good fuel pod on the suit, soon you’ll see why we do it. Try to USE the suit to equip it. We can’t do it, if the lamp stays inside the suit, we’ll be in darkness again.

Use the lamp on the slot on the floor, near the right door. The lamp will be put there. Now use the suit to equip it.

When inside the suit, your endless inventory will be replaced by just two inventory slots. Good fuel pod you put here earlier will catch one inventory slot. Take the lamp back again and it will take the second slot. Go to Reactor room.

Reactor Room
With the suit, we can touch the broken fuel pod. But there is no free room in inventory. Use lamp on the large device to the right to put it there, it will free up the space.

Now, take the bad fuel pod. Heroine will say that radiation will get to her even with the suit. That means, that you shouldn’t waste time and randomly walk around, you must dispose of this broken pod as soon as possible.

For now, put the good fuel pod inside the reactor. Power will be restored. You no longer need the lamp, so let it stay where it is.
Go to Jettison Room.
Jettison Room
Put the broken fuel pod on the slot on the floor, in front of the hatch.
Use the console. Bad fuel pod will be jettisoned, and heroine will survive, since she wears spacesuit and held by chain.
Go to Airlock.
Use the place where spacesuit was to remove it.
Now, elevators are back online, and we can go back to upper levels. If you got all materials from robot, do so.
However, I will also describe another way to get rid of broken fuel pod.
Using acid to destroy bad fuel pod

Go to the Airlock. Use good fuel pod on the suit, soon you’ll see why we do it. Try to USE the suit to equip it. We can’t do it, if the lamp stays inside the suit, we’ll be in darkness again.
Use the lamp on the slot on the floor, near the right door. The lamp will be put there. Now use the suit to equip it.

When inside the suit, your endless inventory will be replaced by just two inventory slots. Good fuel pod you put here earlier will catch one inventory slot. Take the lamp back again and it will take the second slot. Go to Reactor room.
Reactor Room
With the suit, we can touch the broken fuel pod. But there is no free room in inventory. Use lamp on the large device to the right to put it there, it will free up the space.

Now, take the bad fuel pod. Heroine will say that radiation will get to her even with the suit. That means, that you shouldn’t waste time and randomly walk around, you must dispose of this broken pod as soon as possible.

For now, put the good fuel pod inside the reactor. Power will be restored. You no longer need the lamp, so let it stay where it is.

Now, in inventory, use acid on broken fuel pod. It will melt. Don’t forget, that you can only do it with spacesuit on, otherwise poisonous fumes from melting fuel pod will kill you.
Go to Airlock.
Use the place where spacesuit was to remove it.
Now, elevators are back online, and we can go back to upper levels. If you got all materials from robot, do so.
Now, before proceeding, go to where you left the emergency lamp and take it back.
Main Hall
From mini-discs we know that we can make a new quantronic core in Merger Lab, though we need copper, steel, plastic and postrium. Another article reveals that to get postrium, we can disassemble Neural Enhancer in Separator Lab.
We now have all we need.
We still haven’t seen Science Labs Wing. It is accessible through upper left door in Main Hall.
East Science Wing Corridor
Click on the left to go to West Science Wing Corridor.
We still can’t open two doors here.
West Science Wing Corridor
Both Merger and Separator doors are clocked, but each door has a card reader near it. You already have access cards. Use merger access card on Merger Lab door to unlock it, then repeat the process for Separator Lab door.
Now you go to both locations when you want, doors will automatically open, and you won’t have to use access cards all the time.
First, go to Separator Lab (right door).
Separator Lab
Use neural enhancer on Separator to put inside, then use the device itself. Machine will start working, and after a few seconds will produce a crate of postrium.
No return to west science corridor and go through the left door to go to Merger Lab.
Merger Lab
One by one, use copper, plastic, steel and postrium (in any order) on Merger to put each material inside. Use the Merger itself and it will produce quantronuic core we were looking for. Now, we have a replacement part for the server. But better not to rush to replace it just yet. We need to prepare a few things in advance.
Go to Lockers Room 2.
Locker Room 2
Now we can open the third locker from left using Rupa’s hair. If you didn’t use acid, you can also use it here, to open the locker.
Inside you’ll see a small bomb and a detonator. Pick them up (both picked up with just one click).
We need to also learn how to use bombs like this one in the Library.
Now, there is another locker here. It can be forced open with acid or a bomb (after you learn to use it), but there is nothing inside, so don’t waste items.
Go to Library.
Search for another mini-disc, upload it and read article. Now you can use the bomb and a detonator.
In your inventory, one by one, in any order, merge crate with both barbell discs and a bomb. Now we have heavy wired crate. Explanation will be given in next paragraph.
Go back to Dining Room
Dining Room
That’s the idea. You’ll need to make something, that will allow heroine to get into the vent. She can’t crawl through it, but she still can hide in there. But she can’t reach the vent. If you put a crate on table, it will give enough height, but the crate is light, and will slide under heroine if she stands on it. That’s why we need to put barbell discs inside. Put the crate on the table, then use toolbox on the vent grid to open it. Now, Peri can get inside, though there is no reason for it now. But soon we’ll have one!
Go to Server Room.
Server Room
Use quantronic core on the server. It will be put there, and turn the Main AI on, at last.
GO to Main Console room.
Main Console Room
Use the computer to talk with it. This conversation is huge. For now though, you only need to talk about anything just for story information. Talk about what you want, then go back to Main Hall.
Main Hall
At this stage, Peri will complain about being deadly tired. She can’t just go to sleep with maniac on her trail. If you make too many area transitions before finding a place to sleep, Peri will faint and die.
The vent is a good place to hide in, for a few hours, at least.
Dining Room
Use the open vent to get inside and get some sleep.
Important: if you didn’t put the bomb inside the crate, the crate will reveal your position to the murderer, and Peri will be killed in her sleep. With bomb inside, Peri will automatically detonate it from inside the vent, and with crate gone, will remain hidden.
After getting some sleep, we can go on.
Remember the locker in Locker Room 1 that we couldn’t crack yet?
Locker Room 1
Use the Maya Ada’s blood pack on most right locker. (Remember that to identify blood packs, you need to ask Medical AI for that.)
Inside the locker you will find three new items: stethoscope, strongbox and access keycard to Prototype Drugs Lab.
Let’s pay this Prototype Drugs Lab a visit. It’s left door in East Science Corridor. Just use keycard on card reader.
Prototype Drugs Lab
Not much to do here now, but still take the antidote. You’ll need it very soon.
Now, to progress, need to talk to Medical AI again.
Medical AI (any room with it will do)
Now it’s time to report about all bodies you found. You can report finding another dead, one by one, and ask for details about each. Finally, when you talk about Mast Nakali, computer will suggest looking for Captain on the ship’s bridge. To get to the bridge, you’ll need to go through the door in the front wall in the Main Hall.
How horrid! The room is full of green smoke, obviously poisonous. And protagonist already inhaled it. But also there is finally a living person, after all those corpses. Conversation will start automatically.
Captain, by the name of Ray is in a bad shape and can’t say much. Ask what you want, but soon will need to decide what to do to help him. DON’T GIVE HIM ANTIDOTE! Instead, choose option to go and call Robot Butler. It will be done automatically.
At the end, Captain will give you password to armory safe.
Robot will carry Captain away. Try to leave too.
Main Hall
That’s what we feared. Peri is poisoned. If you try to move to another area, any one, she will die. In your inventory, open antidote. Peri will drink it and survive. Let’s see if Captain survived too. Go to Medical Bay.
Medical Bay
What the hell? Medical Bay is devastated! Who did it and why? And where is the captain? From now, all three consoles Medical AI become unusable.
Go back to Main Hall.
Main Hall
You’ll see a woman that appeared as out of nowhere. Conversation will start. Talk about what you want, but at some point, cutscene where Peri is hit in the head and dragged away will play.
Bad situation. All our things are gone, and we are locked in cell. Not only door is locked, but also it is protected by some energy rays. Stuck? No way! Let’s start getting out.
Pick up the meat: pemmican and broken chair leg.
Use the chair leg on the small closed window to the left of the door.
Use the pemmican on window. Our cat won’t leave us in peril and will come back to us.
Use Achilles on the toilet tank, and he’ll smell something inside.
Open the toilet tank and get a shiv. It’s old and rusty, but still help in some way.
Use shiv on both mattresses on the floor, one by one. You’ll get an EMP blast ring and another mini-disc.
Use EMP blast ring on the door. Laser grid will be gone and you’ll get an inventory item: Laser grid generator.

Take the mirror from the wall, above the sink.
In inventory, merge mirror on broken chair leg to get mirror on pole.
Use mirror on pole on the window to get access to keypad.
Prison keypad
Try examining buttons. Most of them are dusty, but 2, 5, 6 and 8 are clean. So, they must be most used. Combination is obviously made of those 4 digits, but what order is correct?
That’s the trick. You should try 2 random combinations, and both will be wrong.
But third combination, whatever it is will always be correct!
Prison door is now unlocked, and we can finally go back to freedom.
Open the prison door to go back to Main Hall.
Main Hall
How strange. People who attacked Peri, left all her stuff just outside of prison door! Why would someone behave so strange?!
Go to Main Console
Main Console
Talk to him, then ask to show security cameras. Ask to see Upper Deck, then Captain Quarters. You’ll see that people who attacked you are there. Go to elevator and click upper button to go to Upper Deck.
Upper Deck
Try to open the door to Captain’s Quarters. It’s locked. There is a keyboard near it, so we can unlock it, if we know the password. However, the password to this door is never shown or even hinted anywhere in the game, so you can only guess it yourself.
If you want to cheat, use those passwords:
English:  “ARCHIMEDES”
Russian: “АРХИМЕД”
If you are honest person, keep reading.
Remember mini-disc we found in prison? It’s marked “Modern Locks”. Maybe it can help? Go to the Library.
Upload the mini-disc “Modern Locks” to datapad, by using it on console.
Read the new article on datapad.
You’ll learn that you can make a skeleton key, that can force any kind of lock.
For this you’ll need steel, copper and xenride. You’ll also learn that you can get xenride from laser grid generator.
Go to Separator Lab.

Separator Lab
Use laser grid generator on Separator, then use Seperator.
You’ll get xenride.
Go to Engineering Bay.
Engineering Bay
Ask robot for steel and copper.
Go to Merger Lab.
Merger Lab
Use, in any order, steel, copper and xenride on Merger. Use Merger itself. Finally get the skeleton key you need so much. Don’t forget that it can only be used once, after that it’s destroyed and there is no way to get another one!
Go to Upper Deck.
Upper Deck
Use skeleton key on the door to Captain Quarters. The way is now free, but don’t forget, that those inside are laying in ambush. If you just open the door to Captain Quarters, Peri will be killed. You need something you can throw at enemies from beyond the corner.
Remember the strongbox from Maya Ada’s locker? It’s time to open it!
Now, if you want, you can use the skeleton key to open the strongbox. But then, you’ll have to use password to unlock Captain Quarters, since the skeleton key can be used just once. So, if you already used it on Captain’s door, you must guess password for strongbox.
The note you found some time ago, can help.

It is more complex puzzle, not connected to inventory or game objects. Solve it as a riddle.
In English, the idea is to understand what’s the meaning. The phrase “When she saw what she had done” is past perfect, the “eldest past” time. The noun of “perfect” is “perfection” The solution is “PERFECTION”.
The solution for Russian is different. Here player should understand that verse on the note is “counting-out game”. The translation is “считалка”. But the verse also says it should be named “affectionately”. So, the answer would be “считалочка”.
So to summarize:
In English the answer is “PERFECTION”.
In Russian the answer is “СЧИТАЛОЧКА”.
Opening strongbox will grant you three items: “harigol” (deadly poison), “oblivion” (memory eraser) and generic sedative. Story wise, you can learn about first two from Medical AI. But you can use them anyway.
Now we have something that can help us. After Captain Quarters door is unlocked, you can use any of the three items. However, the outcome will be very different, also depending on if you have a gun. So far, I didn’t tell how to get a gun, so doing it now.
Go to the Armory.
Before interacting with the sage, take the Kevlar vest. Try to take police baton and see that shelf with batons is locked. Use dumbbell on the hand scanner of batons shelf. Shelf will break and now you can take the baton.

Now, use the armory safe keyboard.
A new window with keyboard will appear.
Remember the password captain gave you?
Enter the password and safe will be unlocked.
Also, if you still got Skeleton Key you can use it here.

Open the safe. Dead woman will fall out. Also a small gun. If there were ever other weapons inside, now there are none.

Take the gun and see the message that’s it’s fingerprint locked, and hence useless to you.
Go back to Main Console.
Main Console
Use the Main Console, then during conversation ask the computer to unlock the gun. He will do so, and gun will become available.
So, back to Captain Quarters. Go to Upper Deck and keep reading about what variants you get.
Use one of colored ampoules on Captain Quarters door.
Using Harigol on Captain Quarters door:
The poison will kill Vera and Nava. You will lose a chance to talk to them, but can continue the game. Possible way, but not really recommended.
Using Sedative on Captain Quarters door, while NOT having gun:
You can talk to Vera and Nava. Soon, they will understand that you can’t do anything to them and jump out on you. This choice leads to death of protagonist.
Using Sedative on Captain Quarters door, while having unavailable gun:
You can talk to Vera and Nava. Soon, they will understand that you can’t do anything to them and jump out on you. This choice leads to death of protagonist.
Using Sedative on Captain Quarters door, while having authorized gun:
You can talk to Vera and Nava. They will see you have a gun and can use it and will comply. You can talk to them, then decide what to do – release them or finish them off. There won’t be any specific consequences in either case. Possible way, but not the best.
Using Oblvion on Captain Quarters door
Vera and Nava will forget last few days and will believe to you, and will be ready to answer all your questions. After conversation, they will leave. Most recommended choice.
Captain Quarters
If Vera and Nava are alive you can talk to them. During conversation, they will give you another mini-disc about antimatter and the access card to Neo-Physics lab. If you killed Vera and Nava, search (TAKE) their bodies to get those items.

Take the book. Another key card will fall out: Captain Master key. In your inventory, open the “Solar Queen” book you just took. You’ll get a bookmaker. Examine the bookmaker in inventory to see the 4 digits code.
Use the safe and enter the code you just learned. Safe will be now unlocked. Open the safe and take the “Columbus” crew dossier.

Examine poster on the wall. On the new window, click on both intractable areas. You’ll learn that there is a self-destruct console on the ship, and that it can only be destroyed with antimatter.
Our next goal is to make container for antimatter.
Go back to Upper Deck.
Upper Deck
Use the Captain Master key on the Secondary Officer door. Open the door.
Alexandra’s room
Take the weird eyeglasses. Take the Kevlar helm.
The safe will require password. Crew dossier can give a hint. The password is the name of corporation, to which Alexandra invested a large sum. Open the crew dossier in your inventory, then read all pages. Click on the page to move to next one. Click outside to close the book.
In English: “SLEIPNIR”
In Russian: “СЛЕЙПНИР”
Safe will open. Take the book from inside. It is Neo-Physics Guide.
Go to the Library.
Upload the new mini-disc and read the new article. You’ll learn how to make antimatter container and what you need for this.
Go to East Science Corridor.
East Science Corridor
Use neo-physics lab access card on relevant card reader, then open the door to Neo-Physics lab.
Neo Physics Lab
If you try to interact with something, Peri will say that she doesn’t understand anything in those devices. But you already have a guide! Open the neo-physics guide in your inventory, then read all pages. Click on the page to move to next one. Click outside to close the book.

Now, you can interact with all objects and items in this room.
Good news – using delivery console, you can get items from the robot in Engineering Bay, without needing to actually go all the way down there. Use the console now, and ask for plastic.

Take all items from the table: Paratempus Capsule, Box of chemicals, Rejuvenator, Frozen Vacuum. When you try to take the robot rat, the cat will break it.

Use emergency lamp on nano-sub multiplier. You need to have paratempus capsule as well. Both items will be replaced by stored light.
Go to Separator Lab.

Separator Lab
Use varazium lenses (the weird eyeglasses from Alexandra’s room) on Separator.
Use the Separator. You’ll get varazium.
Go to Merger Lab.
Merger Lab
Use, in any order, following items on Merger: plastic, stored light, varazium. Use the Merger.
You’ll get antimatter container.
Go back to Neo-Physics Lab.
Neo Physics Lab
Use antimatter container on Miniaturized Particle Accelerator. It will be replaced by contained antimatter.
And here is the story folds to two possible story lines!
Bad Ending Story line
Go to Self-Destruct Lab

Self-Destruct Lab
USE Contained Antimatter on Console. Video should play where Peri is stunned by laser ray
Conversation with Maya Ada should start automatically
Talk about what you want until conversation is concluded
Peri is now under mind control, she wants to find and kill other survivors
Following item should disappear from inventory:
Captain keycard, Neo-Physics card, Contained Antimatter, also what remains of: Harigol, Sedative, Oblivion
Go to Main AI

Main AI
Use the Main AI Console
Check that a new conversation starts, Main AI should reject helping Peri
Go to Crew Quarters
Crew Quarters
Talk to Robot Butler to learn about hidden room
Go to Library
Search the cupboard with mini-discs, then upload new mini-disc via console to datapad, then read new article. You need to do it three times.
Go to Engineering Bay.
Engineering Bay
Ask robot for resonating antrite, steel and plastic.
Go to Merger Lab.
Merger Lab
Use following items in any order on Merger: plastic, steel and resonating antrite.
Use Merger and get wall cutting laser.
Go to Self-Destruct Room
Self-Destruct Room
Use Console
Check through conversation that all options work. It does nothing and added just for fun.
Go to Trash Pit.
Trash Pit
Use stethoscope on Wall (one of walls should now be intractable), Peri will say there is someone on another side.

Use wall cutting laser on the Wall.
If you haven’t found and authorized the gun, do it now. If you don’t, Peri will die when trying toi enter.
Enter through the hole in the wall
Take small computer, time control device, contained antimatter (another one)
Go out

Conversation should now play, first with Maya Ada then with Robot Butler
Robot will say that Peri is now free of mind control, that Maya set ship to self-destruct, and what Peri must do to escape

New item should appear in inventory: Microchip
After a set number of transitions, the ship you are on will explode, so don’t wander randomly!
In your inventory USE microchip on small computer, they will be removed and replaced by portable super computer.
Go to Neo-Physics Lab

Neo-Physics Lab
Use Ultra-Hard Alloys Press, conversation should start
Ask for pseudo antimatter bubble
Exit conversation
Start conversation again and ask for self sustaining space capsule
End conversation
Now you should have Self Sustaining Space Capsule in inventory
Go to Airlock

Open external door
Conversation should start automatically
Talk through
When you finish talking, end cutscene is played
Good Ending Storyline
Go to Neo-Physics Lab
Neo-Physics Lab
Use Ultra-Hard Alloys Press, conversation should start
Ask for Mirror Armor
Exit conversation
Now you should have mirror armor in inventory
Go to Self-Destruct Room
Self-Destruct Room
Use contained antimatter on console
Video will play where Peri is wearing armor that deflects stun ray
Use contained antimatter on console (again), console will melt
Go to Main AI
Main AI
Use the Main AI Console
Talk through everything, Main AI must suggest to use Signal Jammer and Signal Emitter to overcome Maya Ada.
Go to Engineering Bay
Engineering Bay
Ask robot for Signal Jammer and Signal Emitter.
Now you should have signal jammer and signal emitter in inventory
Use signal emitter on the floor, floor should now be interactable.
Go to Neo-Physics Lab
Neo-Physics Lab
Video where Peri kills Maya Ada should play automatically
When video ends, dead Maya Ada should be shown
Examine Maya Ada, Peri will notice that what she considered to be a mask is actually a face. Maya isn’t human!
Use scalpel on Maya Ada
Maya Ada will be revealed as an android!
Examine Maya Ada (again)
Peri will notice a label reading: “Reality Incognita” inside Maya’s body
Go to Library


Search  the cupboard with mini-discs, you should get a mini-disc about Reality Incognita, upload it the usual way and read new article.
Go to Main AI
Main AI
Use the Console
Ask about anything you want.
Go to Trash Pit


Trash Pit
Enter through the newly appeared door
Talk to Captain
He is in shock and can’t communicate
Go to Library

Search the cupboard with mini-discs, you should get a mini-disc about advanced psychiatric treatments, upload and read it.
Go to Neo-Physics Lab
Neo-Physics Lab
Use any book your found on Post Organic Time Flow Reverser, if you have at least 5 books in inventory, they will all disappear and wood dust will appear instead
In inventory merge rejuvenator with wood dust, both will disappear and be replaced with plant mass.
Go to Upper Deck
Upper Deck
Move to Garden. The transition area, as if you were going backwards, through “fourth wall”.
Stage 13: Garden
EXAMINE all the interactable tree objects
Take folia timore from most weird tree
Go to Prototype Drugs Lab
Prototype Drugs Lab: Bad Cure
Finally, you learned how to use the device here.
Use box of chemicals, plant mass, folia timore and my blood pack.
If you didn’t identify blood pack, use the one with number 2. If you use another one, the cure will kill Ray instead.
Go to Bunker.
Talk to Captain and offer him cure. If you used incorrect blood pack, Ray will die and you’ll lose the game. If cure is correct, you can continue.
Talk thoroughly
After conversation ends, Captain will appear as inventory item
Go to Library
Stage 18: Library
Search the cupboard with mini-discs, you should get a mini-disc about Veles. Upload and read it.
Go to Bridge
Use controls
Video with ship landing will play
Earth City
Examine Headquarters twice
Video with Peri beating people will play, then new area will load
Veles headquarters
Go through conversation, check all options
Video will play

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